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  • Love mein ghum: Lollywood in a shiny, new package

    The film was an all out Lollywood commercial pot-boiler doused with the quintessential ingredients of drama.

  • The man who was not a terrorist

    Cinema is capable of stirring the audience with dialogue and imagery and can act as a powerful pedestal to create awareness. My Name is Khan very effectively treads that path.

  • Nazia Hassan, our disco queen

    There are some who leave their footsteps behind in the shores of time, whose memory remains etched in the hearts and minds of people even years after their souls have departed.

  • Ethnic divides, an end to the Quaid's vision

    The antagonism which spawns divisions along ethnic, religious and ideological lines is a scourge which has been rampant in the world since time immemorial. It has been a cause of great unrest and a precursor of grave injustices committed. The prevalence of this phenomenon is no different in our part of the world. I often see myself holding my head in frustration over the incessant bashing of Hindus, Jews and other cultural groupings.