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  • Adventures in Oslo: Part 2

    My passport, money and id have been stolen! That doesn't stop me from going to the Norwegian Parliament where food is forbidden as leaders were becoming fat!

  • Adventures in Oslo: Part 1

    As I fly over Afghanistan to Oslo I think about the war. I might be Hazara but I support the Taliban's desire to get rid of this ISAF cancer.

  • Indian Yatra: Meeting the other side

    Ironically, we, the critics of the Pakistan government at home were defending its policies. I think this is what really took us by surprise. India is still suffering from trauma because of the Mumbai attack. Their sense of outrage as a nation has not subsided. And they expect us, as paroosis to do something about it.

  • Indian Yatra: Day 1

    Conversation was flowing and no one held back - drone strikes, US policy in the region and why we weren't visiting Agra to see the Taj Mahal, Woodrow Wilson's leanings (left or right) and the great partition debate. Lively is an under statement in this group. And it seems we ARE visiting Mumbai!