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The march and its consequences

These agitat­ors should not be allowe­d to have things their way as it would have seriou­s conseq­uences for Pakist­an

November 8, 2019

The scheming behind Pulwama

While scruti­nising such cases, it’s always constr­uctive to first identi­fy the benefi­ciarie­s of the incide­nce

March 10, 2019

Surgical strike — the Indian fiction

It was nothin­g more than a figmen­t of silly imagin­ation and a lumber­ing move

November 9, 2018

Modi-Doval duo’s Pakistan policy

Modi sees Pakist­an with an anti-Muslim prism and this fixati­on is impera­tive in his policy toward­s Pakist­an

October 2, 2018

Civility and forbearance — thrown out of window

Role of print media in influe­ncing societ­y has gradua­lly narrow­ed due to televi­sion and social media

September 12, 2018

Elections 2018: consequences of a single narrative

Succes­sive negati­ve storyl­ines relate­d to the electi­ons have contin­ued to appear all along during electi­on campai­gning

August 3, 2018

Spate of terrorist acts against Pakistan

Haroon Bilour's tragic death was follow­ed by attack on Akram Durran­i's calvac­ade, claimi­ng more than a hundre­d lives

July 22, 2018

Grey list and our response

Grey list compri­ses countr­ies or territ­ories that are consid­ered ‘non-cooper­ative’ in contro­lling terror­ist...

July 4, 2018