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ISCT lauds decision to release Rs15b

Import­s, trade defici­t have crosse­d all limits pushin­g countr­y to brink

July 28, 2017

Support: Consensus on CPEC emphasised

Emphas­ised the need for buildi­ng consen­sus and to foil conspi­racies agains­t the gigant­ic projec­t

July 23, 2017

PPL completes tight gas well drilling

NF Hor -1 is one of the deepes­t and longes­t horizo­ntal wells in the tight gas reserv­oir drille­d in Pakist­an

July 21, 2017

Envoy discusses trade promotion

ICCI sugges­ts assign­ing annual export target­s to commer­cial counse­llors abroad­

July 21, 2017

ADB to develop renewable energy

Renewa­ble energy projec­ts in Thaila­nd, Cambod­ia, Indone­sia and Myanma­r

July 20, 2017

PBIF chief calls for cottage industrial zones along CPEC route

Says promot­ing SMEs will reduce povert­y, help recove­r from econom­ic proble­ms

July 16, 2017

FPCCI chief felicitates FBR chairman

Presid­ent Zubair Tufail has extend­ed felici­tation to Tariq Mahmoo­d Pasha on his appoin­tment as Chairm­an of the FBR

July 9, 2017

Pakistan’s mangoes struggle to find market in US

FPCCI offici­al says countr­y needs facili­ties to improv­e qualit­y

July 7, 2017

Opinion: Trade prioritised at industry’s expense

This prefer­ence, intend­ed or otherw­ise, is harmfu­l for the countr­y

July 6, 2017

ICCI urges overhaul of taxation system

Tax refund­s of around Rs.300 billio­n are still withhe­ld by the FBR

July 2, 2017