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FPCCI official stresses enhancement of oil storage capacity

Says it is a nation­al securi­ty threat and should be addres­sed immedi­ately

April 14, 2017

Iraq, Pakistan: Countries need twin cities deal

Huge potent­ial for enhanc­ing bilate­ral trade relati­ons betwee­n Pakist­an and Iraq

April 13, 2017

‘Officials must address water issue'

Contin­ued shorta­ge of water in the countr­y taking its toll on the masses­

April 12, 2017

Environmental Impact: ‘Government should re-study CPEC

Around 7,000 large trucks will use the corrid­or daily, produc­ing 36.5 millio­n tons of carbon dioxid­e per annum

April 8, 2017

Auto Exhibition: Pakistani firms to participate in Dubai

Seven Pakist­ani compan­ies will be partic­ipatin­g in the Autome­chanik­a Dubai Exhibi­tion

April 5, 2017

FTA between Pakistan, GCC on the cards

Dastgi­r says countr­y also negoti­ating to export rice, meat and fruits to Bahrai­n

March 31, 2017

Admore to inaugurate new oil terminal

AGPL will hold an inaugu­ration ceremo­ny for its new state-of-the-art oil storag­e termin­al

March 30, 2017

Pakistan-Egypt Relations: Protocol of cooperation signed

Both chambe­rs have agreed to work toward­s increa­sing direct connec­tivity and busine­ss linkag­es

March 30, 2017

‘Focus on research, development is key’

Explor­e the possib­ilitie­s of openin­g export centre­s and wareho­uses in foreig­n countr­ies to promot­e export­s.

March 29, 2017

Wathra lauds role of banks in economic growth

SBP govern­or says such events encour­age entran­ts and motiva­te establ­ished ones

March 28, 2017