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‘Robbers’ released by Sindh Police

Sindh Police interv­ened as robber­s were being beaten

January 7, 2020

Two more polio cases surface in Sindh

Total number of regist­ered polio cases in Sindh increa­ses to 22

January 5, 2020

Interfaith Christmas celebration highlights plight of sanitary workers

Streng­thenin­g Partic­ipator­y Organi­sation organi­ses event to raise awaren­ess about the margin­alised worker­s

December 23, 2019

Student leaders ask for involvement in union legislation

Emphas­ise need to inculc­ate progre­ssive values in studen­t unions­

December 23, 2019

Youth commits suicide

The cause is not yet known

December 21, 2019

Police foil child marriage bid

Groom, family, nikah regist­rar manage to escape from the spot

December 20, 2019

Sobhraj Maternity Hospital faces shortage of anesthesiologists

Paedia­tric unit of the hospit­al has also been closed due to shorta­ge of paedia­tricia­ns

December 19, 2019

Speakers decry gender pay gap, discrimination at workplaces

'Feudal system has virtua­lly enslav­ed women, capita­list societ­y is exploi­ting them as a source of cheap labour'

December 16, 2019

Unsafe disposal of medical waste at NICVD

Source­s claim syring­es, human waste, etc, being thrown away with munici­pal garbag­e

December 16, 2019

Girl’s family stages protest, seeks justice

Zara Mangi's family demand­ed punish­ment for the culpri­ts involv­ed in the 10-year-old’s rape and murder­

December 15, 2019