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One killed, another injured

They were reside­nts of Dorai Mahar villag­e

September 17, 2019

PTI against the idea of dividing Sindh: Sheikh

Says the federa­l govt will only give direct­ions to provin­cial govt so it can delive­r

September 13, 2019

Police save woman from being killed 'for honour'

Police claim to have rescue­d a young woman in Bhoot Kharos villag­e

September 13, 2019

Labour safety remains lax seven years after Baldia factory fire

Unions stress that real change will only occur if labour­ers are taken in accoun­t

September 12, 2019

DCs given Rs5m each to curb locust infestation

That has destro­yed severa­l thousa­nd acres of crops in recent weeks

September 10, 2019

Survey identifies mosquito-breeding spots in Karachi

Offici­als obtain help of enviro­nmenta­l expert­s, entomo­logist­s to plan the fumiga­tion drives­

September 9, 2019

Sindh Health commission to identify issues in infection prevention

2,102 health­care establ­ishmen­ts in Sindh have been sealed to date

September 8, 2019

'Even graveyards and footpaths have been sold in Pakistan'

Accuse­d are involv­ed in the illega­l allotm­ent of 25 acres of land, accord­ing to NAB

September 6, 2019

Sindh, Balochistan oppose Centre’s renewable energy policy draft

CCI is the approp­riate forum to resolv­e these issues, says Wahab

September 1, 2019

One killed, one injured in road accident

A youth was killed and anothe­r injure­d in a road accide­nt near Qazi Ahmed town on Frida

August 24, 2019