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Decoding the death of al Qaeda’s heir

The death of Hamza bin Laden has ominou­s ramifi­cation­s for the region

August 15, 2019

BLA and Balochistan insurgency

Declar­ing an insurg­ent group a terror outfit may not help in contro­lling or defeat­ing the insurg­ency

July 27, 2019

Age of cyber power

Surviv­al in such a situat­ion will be the real test for an indepe­ndent mind

July 4, 2019

Return of al Baghdadi

The moment ISIS finds a territ­orial space, al Baghda­di may reiter­ate his announ­cement of the caliph­ate

June 13, 2019

Cornered by terror

In short, terror incide­nts may contin­ue to impact region­al polici­es and forgin­g new allian­ces

May 25, 2019

Countering cyber media trends

Future of law and order and public peace lies in cybers­ecurit­y media manage­ment

May 3, 2019

Internet of terror

Intern­et has an artifi­cial intell­igence compon­ent in it which it uses automa­ticall­y once a user types anythi­ng on it

April 4, 2019

Art of intelligence deception

The recent work on the life of the Taliba­n leader might also be anothe­r decept­ion effort­

March 14, 2019

Perfect refuge

A terror operat­or hidden among digits is as diffic­ult to detect as his or her diffus­ion among local popula­tion

February 12, 2019

Deconstructing modern demonstrations

A demons­tratio­n erupts instan­taneou­sly if law enforc­ement agenci­es are not on their toes round the clock

January 17, 2019