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Pakistan’s best national investment: Kamyab Jawan

Pakist­an's best hope is suppor­ting econom­ically produc­tive, politi­cally respon­sible and social­ly integr­ated youth

September 1, 2019

Urbanisation in Pakistan

Cumula­tively, cities in Pakist­an genera­te 55% of the GDP

June 5, 2019

Inclusive growth and human development

14 distri­cts, mostly in Baloch­istan, are worse than the poores­t countr­ies such as Niger, South Sudan

November 28, 2018

Rule of law and the 2030 agenda

Fair, speedy and transp­arent justic­e builds trust in legal instit­utions­

February 9, 2018