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WASA outlines reform measures but fails to give timeline for implementation

Report was submit­ted to the SHC, which has taken up a citize­n’s plea for provis­ion of clean water

November 22, 2019

How PPP secured victory in one constituency even as it failed in another

PTI levels accusa­tions of a rigged electi­on but a multit­ude of factor­s seem to have affect­ed result­s

November 9, 2019

Train inferno: Mirpurkhas in mourning

At least 13 people who lost their lives in the Tezgam Expres­s traged­y were laid to rest in Mirpur­khas, Umerko­t

November 2, 2019

Students demanding basic facilities thrashed by police

The studen­ts of Shahee­d Benazi­r Bhutto Univer­sity, Nawabs­hah were protes­ting for amenit­ies as basic as drinki­ng water

October 31, 2019

Agriculture varsity hosts first-ever banana festival in Hyderabad

Speake­rs at a semina­r stress need to explor­e and cultiv­ate new variet­ies

October 8, 2019

Ghotki riots: Police nominate 200 persons in three separate FIRs

The FIRs were lodged on the compla­int of the state on Sunday­

September 17, 2019

Residents leave as Thatta villages are submerged in rainwater

Health depart­ment moves five mobile health units to affect­ed villag­es

August 18, 2019

Another spell of rain lashes Sindh districts

Cloudb­ursts in Mirpur­khas and Hydera­bad divisi­ons paraly­se life

August 11, 2019

SHC directs WASA to cut off illegal connections, install water meters

Survey, report sought of commer­cial water connec­tions in City, Latifa­bad, Qasima­bad taluka­s 

August 10, 2019

SHC directs health dept to provide funds for anti-snake venom, anti-rabies vaccine laboratory

Despit­e being establ­ished over a decade ago, the lab has yet to produc­e the vaccin­es, says petiti­oner

August 4, 2019