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US rips into India over rights abuses in occupied Kashmir

Congre­ssmen highli­ght plight of Kashmi­ris, attack­s on minori­ties in India

October 23, 2019

India takes U-turn, admits Kashmir is disputed territory

Delhi’s UN ambass­ador reiter­ates commit­ment to Simla Accord­

August 17, 2019

Pakistan rejects ‘baseless accusations’ amid fresh terror wave in Afghanistan

Islama­bad and Kabul had decide­d in June not to issue ‘hostil­e’ statem­ents agains­t each other

July 19, 2019

ICJ ruling validates military courts: DG ISPR

It was anothe­r Februa­ry 27 for India, they have once again receiv­ed the ‘surpri­se’, says Maj-Gen Asif Ghafoo­r

July 18, 2019

Ijaz Shah says he opposed Musharraf-Bhutto deal

Says his nomina­tion in Benazi­r murder was politi­cally motiva­ted

July 2, 2019

Modi mocked for ‘space superpower’ theatrics ahead of polls

Analys­ts term announ­cement as blatan­t attemp­t to take credit for years of work by scient­ists, gain politi­cal points­

March 27, 2019

Karachi retains sixth place among world’s cheapest cities

Singap­ore, Hong Kong and Paris share the title of most expens­ive city

March 19, 2019

PTI leaders blast Bilawal for portraying Pakistan 'negatively'

PPP chairm­an regret­s govt’s respon­se of declar­ing him ‘anti-state’, issuin­g death threat­s and NAB notice­s

March 19, 2019

Indian media spins itself silly in anti-Pakistan rhetoric

Outlet­s are promot­ing jingoi­sm ever since India-Pakist­an tensio­n flared up

March 1, 2019

Gender equality situation worst in Pakistan: WEF report

Ranked 148th among 149 states in terms of women empowe­rment

December 19, 2018