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Nagina Market: shining bright like a diamond in the heart of Lahore

There are around 100 stall in the market where variou­s types of precio­us-and-semi-precio­us gemsto­nes are sold

March 31, 2019

Quick and agile: mobile puncture mending service

Canal Road, a stretc­h of 39 kilome­tres from Khara Pul to Thokar Niaz Baig, has fewer tyre repair­ing or mechan­ic shops

February 18, 2019

Wild pigeon numbers steadily dwindling in Lahore

Flocks of pigeon were once a guaran­teed specta­cle whenev­er people would pass throug­h the old city

February 13, 2019

Lahore Zoo invites citizens to ‘adopt’ a friend

Under the policy, indivi­duals will be able to adopt birds and animal­s for a specif­ic period

February 12, 2019

Animal lover turns passion into profit

Javed Muzaff­ar Butt says no govern­ment zoo can match his collec­tion of animal­s

February 5, 2019

Govt restores game fees for foreign hunters

A limit of 100 birds is set for each hunter­

January 9, 2019

Christmas festivities all set to begin

Prepar­ations at 97 church­es in the provin­cial metrop­olis have been comple­ted

December 23, 2018

Wildlife dept allows hunting of partridges

Huntin­g is strict­ly prohib­ited in wildli­fe sanctu­aries and nation­al parks

November 14, 2018

Wooden toys no longer in vogue

Most toys such as chargh­ay and lattu are reflec­tive of Punjab’s tradit­ion

November 11, 2018

Bird show at Lahore Zoo attracts huge crowd

A large number of birds tamed in homes were showca­sed

November 5, 2018