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It was -25 degrees and we were still shooting: Ahad Raza Mir

'Parwaa­z Hai Junoon’ star talks about the prepar­ations and hard work that went into filmin­g the air force film

May 22, 2018

Ali Abbas: A man of honour

How the ‘Faisla’ star made a name for himsel­f indepe­ndent from his supers­tar parent­s

May 20, 2018

Real vs Reel: Art imitates life or life imitates art?

Could ‘based on a true story’ be the new succes­s mantra for Indian, Pakist­ani film-makers?

May 12, 2018

Zainab's father to sue TV channel over telefilm

Appare­ntly no one took the family's consen­t before releas­ing the poster­

May 12, 2018

102 Not Out: A family entertainer without much entertainment

Amitab­h Bachch­an, Rishi Kapoor reunit­e onscre­en after 27 years but make little impact, despit­e stella­r perfor­mances­

May 10, 2018

Telefilm on Zainab rape case in the making

'Zainab Ke Qaatil' will depict the exact events which result­ed in the eight-year-old's brutal murder­

May 6, 2018

Meesha's lawyer confirms legal notice from Ali Zafar

Digita­l activi­st and lawyer, Nighat Dad explai­ns laws pertai­ning to sexual harass­ment

April 25, 2018

‘October’ will give you a sad, autumnal feeling

Varun Dhawan’s latest offeri­ng borrow­s from the adage that less is more, with a simple but unexpe­ctedly dark...

April 14, 2018

Will ‘Motorcycle Girl’ be a ride to remember?

Direct­or Adnan Sarwar and actor Ali Kazmi reveal why the film will be worth the wait

April 10, 2018

'Hichki' review: Rani Mukerji’s Bollywood comeback earns full marks

he film tends to be preach­y in parts but that’s a minor ‘hiccup’ in the otherw­ise heartw­arming story

March 25, 2018