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Courting 21st century reforms

There are a number of issues that requir­e reform in Pakist­an’s judici­al system to improv­e foreig­n invest­ment

June 12, 2019

The organised chaos of local governance

The federa­l and provin­cial govern­ments view empowe­rment of local govern­ments as a zero-sum game

March 17, 2019

Dismal state of the top cadre services

Of 9391 candid­ates that took exam, only 3.30 per cent manage­d to pass it

July 9, 2018

Economy under Abbasi

A deprec­iated rupee is not expect­ed to help much

January 2, 2018

As much as one hates it, IMF borrowing isn’t a bad deal

Need to go back comes after failur­es of the govt to addres­s econom­ic woes.

October 23, 2017

E-commerce landscape faces barriers to expansion in Pakistan

Since this indust­ry is in its infanc­y, taxati­on should not be a subjec­t of concer­n

September 18, 2017

Beyond the census, NFC awaits

NFC should ponder over whethe­r it is time this system of centre to provin­cial financ­ial transf­ers should change­

August 30, 2017

Who is the judiciary accountable to?

It is time for the judici­ary to initia­te reform­s for its accoun­tabili­ty so that no scanda­l can revers­e the gains made

August 3, 2017