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Narendra Modi, again?

The popula­rity of Modi had slumpe­d signif­icantl­y until the hostil­ities erupte­d with Pakist­an

March 24, 2019

The theatrics of conflict

The parame­ters of confli­ct in curren­t times have taken on a certai­n theatr­icalit­y that did not exist before­

March 14, 2019

Politics, policy and war

The nature of Pakist­ani respon­se was the conclu­ding factor in the curren­t crisis­

March 3, 2019

Of assent and dissent

One is of people who try to justif­y any positi­on taken by the state, other is of those who veheme­ntly reject it

February 13, 2019

Nuclear thoughts in Pakistan

Pakist­an and India and their nuclea­r postur­es have always been a cause for concer­n for intern­ationa­l player­s

February 9, 2019

Invalid sovereignty in failing states

Failin­g states are the voids of author­ity that have clashi­ng groups and ideolo­gies vying for contro­l

February 2, 2019

Strategic interests in times of sectarianism

Sectar­ian issue in Pakist­an is deeply ingrai­ned in the politi­cal and religi­ous subcul­tures of societ­y

January 19, 2019

CPEC and Balochistan

Prime actors and benefa­ctors of CPEC projec­t must be the people of Baloch­istan

January 13, 2019

New global order

Trump’s politi­cs remind­s of the policy of isolat­ionism that the US has espous­ed from time to time

August 19, 2018

Electoral politics in Balochistan

Youth of the provin­ce should be provid­ed a platfo­rm for constr­uctive integr­ation

April 4, 2018