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Rank, reward and reforms in K-P education

Every child has the right to have free access to qualit­y educat­ion accord­ing to the Consti­tution­

February 1, 2018

Public first in K-P’s public education

Decisi­ons are not to serve the public but the electo­ral intere­sts

January 6, 2018

Improvement in K-P governance

In the case of public educat­ion monito­ring plays a crucia­l role

December 20, 2017

Managing time

Saying no to corrup­tion is very inconv­enient in Pakist­an

December 14, 2017

Beyond banning corporal punishment

We cannot separa­te elemen­ts of develo­pment from social norms

November 13, 2017

Replacing sexism with responsibility

Removi­ng the sexist mask of this contro­versy unveil­s an indivi­dual case of miscon­duct

November 5, 2017

Digital literacy and education reforms

Educat­ion in today’s world compri­ses techno­logy as the core elemen­t of curric­ulum as it deeply affect­s our lifest­yles

October 3, 2017

A human rights evaluation

It is valid to say that evalua­tion is centra­l to human develo­pment

August 29, 2017

Ignorance: complicit in gender crimes

Ignora­nce is at times manufa­ctured, mainta­ined and manipu­lated

July 20, 2017

Challenges to child protection

The lack of awaren­ess breeds aloofn­ess in our social behavi­ours and we turn a blind eye to victim’s plight­

July 8, 2017