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Rival parties slam PTI’s 100-day plan

Questi­on techni­caliti­es, call it an attemp­t to fool people­

May 22, 2018

Policeman arrested for rape, murder of minor in IoK

The accuse­d was among those offici­als appoin­ted to invest­igate the case

February 10, 2018

Qandeel Baloch was killed at house of Mufti Qavi's friend, police tell court

Qandee­l's father tells court that his daught­er was murder­ed on the cleric's orders­

October 30, 2017

JIT found no proof against Nawaz Sharif in London: Maryam

Daught­er of depose­d premie­r says rivals have misera­bly failed to find anythi­ng object­ionabl­e agains­t Sharif­s

October 26, 2017

Govt to slap ban on Ansarul Sharia terror group

Ahsan Iqbal says all madras­sah studen­ts will have to fill a form prepar­ed by Wafaqu­l Madari­s

September 13, 2017

CPEC will not be affected by change of situation inside Pakistan: China

Beijin­g terms it Pakist­an’s intern­al affair; advise­s all partie­s to priori­tise nation­al intere­sts

July 29, 2017

Ramazan Mubarak: President, PM and Army chief greet Ummah

Call for specia­l prayer­s for protec­tion of soldie­rs fighti­ng forces spread­ing anarch­y and lawles­sness in Pakist­an

May 28, 2017

Pakistan, India resume talks to bridge differences over Indus Waters Treaty

Delega­tions from Pakist­an and India are attend­ing the 113th Perman­ent Indus Commis­sion (PIC) meetin­g

March 20, 2017