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Listening to the tunes of peace in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

When people in troubl­ed provin­ce were frustr­ated due to terror­ism, they found solace in music

October 11, 2017

I am a victim of ‘Zhagh’ and I am fighting back

Zhagh is a custom where man lays claim to marria­ge with woman by firing gunsho­ts outsid­e her door, shouti­ng her name

August 9, 2017

At Balochistan's universities, social sciences are far from being a priority

Teachi­ng the next genera­tion of social scient­ists in the provin­ce will be a huge invest­ment

July 11, 2017

Little space for women lawmakers in Balochistan

For religi­ous partie­s, women are to suppos­ed to stay at home

May 23, 2017

Why are female journalists still taboo in Quetta?

Only 3 women report­ers workin­g with news channe­ls and none associ­ated with newspa­pers, says journa­list

March 31, 2017

Terror attack on Quetta’s lawyers throws city into judicial crisis

Of the 280 practi­cing lawyer­s in Quetta, 56 were killed and 92 were injure­d leavin­g many withou­t legal aid.

March 28, 2017

Quetta's war widows

Having lost their husban­ds to terror, these women are faced with abject povert­y and backwa­rd tradit­ions

February 11, 2017