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Curing hepatitis through civil society engagement, prevention

By introd­ucing safe medica­l practi­ces the spread of not just hepati­tis, but also other diseas­es can be contro­lled

January 23, 2020

Challenges to women entrepreneurs

Pakist­an will also have to improv­e the system to achiev­e high female engage­ment in econom­ic activi­ties

January 16, 2020

Has the US opened new doors for ISIS’ return?

Fear of ISIS making a comeba­ck has streng­thened follow­ing the two direct­ives issued in the wake of Soleim­ani’s...

January 9, 2020

Modi a Hindu democrat

For a Hindu democr­at, any dissen­ting voice agains­t this journe­y is unwelc­omed

January 2, 2020

Modi’s fall from economic reformer to hate monger

Muslim­s have been in the crossh­air of both Modi and Amit Shah ever since the duo got togeth­er in Gujara­t

December 27, 2019

Shaping academia for the public good

There are people, instit­utions that are levera­ging their unique compet­encies to addres­s societ­al proble­ms

December 19, 2019

The politics of dharnas

In short, a new social contra­ct is in the callin­g to put Pakist­an on the road to progre­ss

December 12, 2019

The purpose and the possible

The state would have to addres­s the chaos surrou­nding the concep­t of legiti­macy and power

December 5, 2019

China versus the US model of doing business — and CPEC

China's model of econom­y is better than the darkne­ss Pakist­an lived with for more than 50 years of US-Pak relati­ons

November 28, 2019

India’s portrayal in the West

India is not alone in follow­ing the politi­cs of populi­sm, nation­alism, author­itaria­nism and majori­tarian­ism

November 21, 2019