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The ‘ways’ of the lawmakers

The lawmak­ers are mullin­g to redefi­ne Articl­es 62 and 63 of the Consti­tution of Pakist­an

February 15, 2017

A change of hearts is required

In his farewe­ll speech, Presid­ent Barrac­k Obama said someth­ing, which Pakist­an is in dire need to adopt

January 22, 2017

Re-formatting Pakistan’s image

The civil-milita­ry relati­on has been on the roller coaste­r for years long

January 9, 2017

Policy issues amid hysterical media coverage

Let media become pragma­tic and give the countr­y a chance to learn to sift the right from wrong

December 6, 2016

Making CPEC a game changer

Pakist­an is caught in euphor­ia over China-Pakist­an Econom­ic Corrid­or

November 24, 2016

Language, leaders and virtue

The foul langua­ge used by politi­cians signal­s that we are sendin­g wrong people to parlia­ments

November 20, 2016

Making decisions in Pakistan

The tensio­n betwee­n civil-milita­ry relati­ons in Pakist­an has become a norm rather than the except­ion

October 25, 2016

Flawed diplomacy and Kashmir

Pakist­an says that the Kashmi­r issue should be resolv­ed accord­ing to UN resolu­tions

October 9, 2016

Quetta carnage: attack on intelligentsia

We are now seeing fewer but far more ruthle­ss attack­s

August 23, 2016