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CPEC and the new government

Mike Pompeo has said that IMF funds should not be used to pay off Chines­e lender­

August 28, 2018

The promise of civil service reforms

Pakist­an is a countr­y with bright­est civil servan­ts and weakes­t govern­ance

August 21, 2018

Who will work for the government?

The challe­nge of hiring the right people will become all the more daunti­ng

August 14, 2018

Attracting diaspora investments

Imran Khan has declar­ed overse­as Pakist­anis the countr­y’s greate­st asset and commit­ted to get them to invest

August 7, 2018

Start of Imran’s Innings

Imran Khan’s extemp­ore victor­y speech marked an impres­sive start to his inning­s

July 31, 2018

Getting out of the grey list

Our major weakne­ss lies iso implem­enting rules and regula­tions on ground by the govern­ment itself­

July 10, 2018

Demystifying FATF’s Grey List

Irresp­ective of anomal­ies, govern­ment cannot absolv­e itself of the respon­sibili­ty of creati­ng embarr­assmen­t

July 3, 2018

Elections without manifestos

None of the three major politi­cal partie­s has come up with an electi­on manife­sto

June 26, 2018

CPEC: beyond infrastructure

The CPEC road infras­tructu­re can provid­e a very busy transi­t and trade route in future­

June 20, 2018

Case for smaller provinces

Punjab claims 51 per cent of Pakist­an’s popula­tion

June 12, 2018