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FATF: Pakistan on the edge

There is no time to talk now

October 22, 2019

Who will sign the files?

If the absenc­e of crimin­al intent is ignore­d, it become­s very easy to allege corrup­tion

October 15, 2019

Punjab: Shehbaz versus Buzdar

The narrat­ive of rampan­t corrup­tion is gradua­lly giving space to the narrat­ive of incomp­etence & poor govern­ance

October 8, 2019

Kasur incidents and state’s response

A hard fact being the state's failur­e to respon­d to the dreadf­ul threat of child abuse, rape and murder­

September 24, 2019

Local governments in Punjab: for better or worse

Local govern­ments in this countr­y have only flouri­shed under milita­ry rule

September 17, 2019

A mini budget in sight?

Ironic­ally, the FBR is not to be blamed here. The proble­m instea­d lies in the unreal­istic target.

September 10, 2019

CPEC: what’s stopping Pakistan Railways?

The track will ultima­tely extend to Kashgh­ar, provid­ing access to the BRI railwa­y grid.

September 3, 2019

Bureaucracy and kabaddi

Court orders have become insura­nce polici­es for civil servan­ts

August 27, 2019

Re-thinking government

More than 34,000 teache­rs have used this app so far, submit­ting applic­ations for approx­imatel­y 100,000 prefer­ences

August 20, 2019

Can the Debt Commission make a difference?

Right focus and member­ship will help the commis­sion to make a meanin­gful impact

August 6, 2019