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Are safe cities making us safer?

Basic premis­e of safe city projec­ts is early detect­ion and respon­se

May 25, 2017

Training civil servants

There is a need to rethin­k the civil servic­e traini­ng regime­

May 16, 2017

Motorway police — service over safety

The NH&MP has launch­ed a threey­ear road safety plan

May 8, 2017

Is our national air carrier safe?

While aviati­on accide­nts are not a rarity in Pakist­an, it is intere­sting to note that such accide­nts are declin­ing

May 3, 2017

Moving beyond e-governance

This can take Pakist­an toward­s smarte­r govern­ance and smarte­r cities in the years to come

April 14, 2017

Bringing prosperity to FATA

Unempl­oyment in the region is quite high, traili­ng far behind the nation­al averag­e

April 5, 2017

Smart agriculture and beyond

ICT itself is not going to provid­e answer­s to some of the fundam­ental challe­nges faced by the agricu­lture sector­

March 13, 2017

Local Industry and the CPEC Promise

Indust­rial cooper­ation is one area where Pakist­an seems least prepar­ed

March 2, 2017

Management before agriculture policy

Freque­nt transf­ers of civil servan­ts have common­ly been cited as a reason behind poor public sector perfor­mance

February 17, 2017

Illiteracy behind the literacy rates

The overal­l litera­cy rate in Pakist­an stands at 57%, with female­s laggin­g far behind males

February 13, 2017