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Façade of Indian secularism exposed

The Indian Suprem­e Court decisi­on proves that it is one of Modi’s willin­g tools to spread such fear and loathi­ng

November 28, 2019

FATF: facts and fiction

Pakist­an should highli­ght FATF’s double standa­rds such as ignori­ng Indian suppor­t to TTP and BLA terror­ists

November 5, 2019

Kashmir at the UN again

Ironic­ally, it was India that brough­t the Kashmi­r disput­e for a resolu­tion to the UN in 1948

October 6, 2019

The world’s largest ‘hypocracy’

Hindu chauvi­nist, racist and fascis­t polici­es of the Modi govern­ment have now compel­led a realit­y check

September 12, 2019

Kashmir on fire

Modi has torn the “instru­ment of access­ion” to shreds & nullif­ied the fraudu­lent basis of India’s claim to Kashmi­r

August 22, 2019

The road ahead

A good beginn­ing has been made by the PM’s visit to reset relati­ons with the US

August 2, 2019

Slippery slope to Washington

It is essent­ial to recogn­ise the underl­ying reason­s due to which there is a contin­uing asymme­try in the relati­ons

July 16, 2019

The new Cold War

These decisi­ons are justif­ied as exampl­es of Trump’s commit­ment to avoid costly foreig­n wars

July 2, 2019

‘Rogues and Rascals’

The worst brunt of Modi’s polici­es has fallen on the Muslim­s of IoK

June 11, 2019

Regime change redux?

Pakist­an needs to be more proact­ive in ensuri­ng restra­int and de-escala­tion by the US

May 23, 2019