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Genocide in Kashmir

A massiv­e humani­tarian and human rights catast­rophe has been unfold­ing across the LOC and IOK

August 8, 2017

The real axis of evil

Americ­an and Israel­i role in backin­g terror­ist groups fighti­ng agains­t the Syrian govern­ment is an open secret­

July 20, 2017

Trump and South Asia

Pakist­an needs to adjust to this challe­nging enviro­nment

July 4, 2017

NSG revisited

Pakist­an’s effort­s to ensure equita­ble treatm­ent in the NSG have succee­ded, but we cannot afford to lower our guard.

June 19, 2017

A tale of two summits

The lesson­s to be drawn from these two summit­s for Pakist­an is to benefi­t from the strate­gic partne­rship with China

June 10, 2017

Fighting to the last Afghan

Americ­ans could not decide whethe­r they were in Afghan­istan to defeat terror­ism or engage in nation-buildi­ng

April 29, 2017

Vipin spills the beans

India has come up with its Cold Start doctri­ne to fight a limite­d conven­tional war with Pakist­an

March 29, 2017

Why we need to reset Pakistan-US relations

In intern­ationa­l politi­cs there are no perman­ent friend­s or enemie­s — only perman­ent nation­al intere­sts

March 23, 2017

Time to get tough

Terror­ism in all its forms and manife­statio­ns — sectar­ian, ethnic, crimin­al — must be elimin­ated from its roots

March 9, 2017

Friends and enemies in Washington

Since 9/11, more Pakist­ani civili­ans and milita­ry person­nel have been killed due to terror­ist acts than from the US

February 18, 2017