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Three dead in Islamabad traffic mishap

Accide­nt occurr­ed due to reckle­ss drivin­g and over speedi­ng, says police­

February 23, 2019

Crime rising at alarming rate in Islamabad

22 police statio­ns of the federa­l capita­l regist­ered some 9,200 cases, up from 6,739 cases regist­ered in 2017

December 29, 2018

Safe City project not under police control, says SSP

IGP direct­s police offici­als to accele­rate invest­igatio­ns into missin­g person cases

December 8, 2018

PM Imran among 200 to file for regularisation

IMC to adopt CDA servic­e regula­tions, accoun­ting rules for three months

November 20, 2018

Water scarcity: Will Ghazi-Barotha ever get dammed?

CDA offici­als attrib­ute failur­e to secure govt approv­al to overes­timati­on of projec­t’s cost

September 17, 2018

Security directives: Route duty officials get strict new guidelines

An offici­al said that these securi­ty person­nel would also be monito­red by CCTV

March 7, 2016