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2019 must belong to the children of Yemen

Progre­ss then is certai­nly a relati­ve word for onlook­ers and layper­sons

January 30, 2019

Dear prime minister, it’s not looking good, is it?

The proble­m for our prime minist­er, howeve­r, is that the underl­ying facts do not change­

November 27, 2018

What is the state’s relationship with the girl-child?

There is actual­ly no compre­hensiv­e and consis­tent defini­tion by the State of who a ‘girl-child’ is

October 30, 2018

Beyond the vote, how do we progress?

Pakist­an’s ruling elite have left little for people to pin their hopes on

September 15, 2018

Behind the false narrative lie our true heroes

Pakist­an's nation­al narrat­ive (like other countr­ies is guarde­d from percei­ved intern­al and extern­al threat­s

May 22, 2018

CPEC: a case for gender mainstreaming

China is perhap­s the best exampl­e to start with as a nation­

March 16, 2018

Sexual harassment laws in Pakistan

For meanin­gful progre­ss to be made we will have to look beyond just law making­

February 8, 2018

Let us begin this note on love

It seems year after year, we measur­e our countr­y’s progre­ss in how many innoce­nt lives we’ve manage­d not to lose

January 3, 2018

The sacrosanctity of gendered state intervention

Beyond law making, gender­ed state interv­ention is sacros­anct to make real change happen­

December 3, 2017

Where are women going? And how do they get there?

As a femini­st, I period­ically ask myself about the direct­ion that Pakist­an is headed on the issue of gender­

October 4, 2017