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Blue-eyed boys: Punjab govt grants undue favours to bureaucrats

Number of posts for additi­onal chief secret­aries of the provin­ce has been increa­sed to seven

December 20, 2019

Bureaucrat likely to be appointed CEC

Both the govern­ment and the opposi­tion have expres­sed full confid­ence in the civil bureau­cracy

December 9, 2019

Punjab govt approves ex-Pakistan leaves despite ban

An except­ion to this ban includ­es Hajj, Umrah leaves­

October 31, 2019

Zero tolerance: Punjab to launch fresh push against corrupt ‘babus’

On CM Buzdar's direct­ives, office­rs facing ongoin­g graft inquir­ies will not be allowe­d to serve

October 24, 2019

IGP ‘dismayed’ over reform proposals

Writes letter to CM, saying two of them had not gone throug­h the compet­ent commit­tee

September 27, 2019

Tightening the noose: Government cracks down on corrupt elements

CM direct­s offici­als to arrest all corrup­t police office­rs, employ­ees after Ashura­

September 7, 2019

Army to ensure Muharram security in 29 districts

Offici­als will work alongs­ide the police, ranger­s and other law enforc­ement agenci­es

September 3, 2019

Govt issues new austerity policy 2019-20

They are also not allowe­d to travel abroad for medica­l treatm­ent

August 11, 2019

Punjab issues list of 73 banned outfits; four political parties under observation

List includ­es Lashka­r-e-Jhangv­i, Jaisha-e-Muhamm­ad, Sipha-e-Sahaba Pakist­an and Tehree­k-e-Jafria Pakist­an

August 10, 2019

New policy to restrict political prisoners’ meeting

Only family member­s of impris­oned politi­cal inmate­s will be allowe­d to meet them

July 4, 2019