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Can PTI escape an economic failure?

The PTI also needs to infuse confid­ence in the market about their econom­ic manage­ment

January 9, 2019

Journey from the PM House to a university

This articl­e presen­ts a few ideas that may illumi­nate the path toward­s establ­ishing this univer­sity

December 31, 2018

With growing migration, urban centres expanding in haphazard manner

Cities of Punjab are in urgent need to combat sprawl if they aim to remain compet­itive

November 26, 2018

How to make Gwadar a vibrant economic and port city?

The blurri­ng of instit­utiona­l bounda­ries and target­s has made the game of credit claim and shifti­ng blame very easy

October 25, 2018

Low focus on impact key weakness of governance structure

Countr­y should devise new govern­ance framew­ork to improv­e people’s lives

October 22, 2018

Pakistan needs to achieve rapid investment growth

PM should give a target to raise invest­ment-to-GDP ratio to 20-25% from curren­t 15%

September 10, 2018

Access to potable water in Sindh

Sukkur reside­nts do not have access to a smooth supply of clean drinki­ng water

September 7, 2018

Peshawar’s thriving and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem

Road to Naya Pakist­an passes throug­h entrep­reneur­ship and innova­tion

August 13, 2018

Planning for Naya Pakistan

PTI needs to pay attent­ion to restru­cturin­g the prevai­ling planni­ng machin­ery, archit­ecture and proces­ses

August 10, 2018

Study lists top reasons for success of start-ups

Pushes access to financ­e to the sixth place among factor­s behind the succes­s

July 9, 2018