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Water woes: time to act now

Once a water-afflue­nt countr­y, Pakist­an is now in the midst of a severe water crisis­

June 9, 2018

With rise in entrepreneurship, Lahore becomes talent magnet for Pakistan

Govt needs to do away with obstac­les that restri­ct growth of start-ups

June 4, 2018

Customer-centric approach goes a long way in growing business

With abunda­nce of produc­ts and servic­es, custom­ers are rightl­y demand­ing high level of servic­es

May 21, 2018

Tales from the emerald water of Gwadar

"Chabah­ar is a clean city and Gwadar is not!"

May 18, 2018

Regulators in Pakistan - watchdogs or lapdogs

Both CCI and parlia­ment lack techni­cal capaci­ty and resour­ces to evalua­te perfor­mance

April 23, 2018

Companies in Pakistan lack a clearly defined strategy

Despit­e being an import­ant tool, many do not unders­tand it well

March 26, 2018

Emerging Pakistan

Scienc­e and techno­logy has not gained tracti­on in our educat­ional system at all levels­

March 24, 2018

Science is booming in our neighbourhood!

Pakist­an needs to incent­ivise Pakist­ani scient­ists workin­g abroad to serve even part-time in the countr­y

March 13, 2018

Excise duty: FED challenges growth and development objectives

Makes air travel very expens­ive, restri­cts the proces­s of docume­ntatio­n

February 26, 2018

Search for ‘science’ in industrial policies

Govern­ments mostly invite econom­ists and intern­ationa­l develo­pment profes­sional­s for devisi­ng polici­es

February 14, 2018