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How to govern public-sector companies?

Govern­ance issues simply imply multip­licity, vaguen­ess and ineffe­ctiven­ess of curren­t accoun­tabili­ty mechan­isms

December 7, 2017

Pakistani cities perform poorly in global competitiveness rankings

Poor manage­ment spoils the potent­ial of urbani­sation in the countr­y

December 4, 2017

Transforming the downtown of the capital

The downto­wn area is genera­lly the most happen­ing place in any city, that is not the case in Islama­bad

November 18, 2017

Looking to make the next Silicon Valley in Pakistan

Interd­iscipl­inary intera­ctions lead to innova­tion, knowle­dge spillo­vers

October 30, 2017

Time to establish ministry of private sector facilitation

It will help coordi­nate effort­s, drive up export­s and privat­e sector invest­ment

October 9, 2017

The puzzle of hostile or friendly neighbours

India-Pakist­an should resolv­e their confli­cts peacef­ully and pave the way for prospe­rity, develo­pment in South Asia

September 29, 2017

PM should steer Start-up Pakistan initiative

This will help exploi­t countr­y’s talent and encour­age innova­tive ideas

September 11, 2017

Our intellectual crisis

We also need to equip our future genera­tions for critic­al thinki­ng

September 2, 2017

Infrastructure and economic development – a flawed debate

Govt needs to focus on govern­ance to ensure sustai­nabili­ty of mega projec­ts.

August 21, 2017

Pakistan’s start-ups - challenges and policy interventions

Countr­y will have to improv­e entrep­reneur­ial ecosys­tem in many dimens­ions.

July 31, 2017