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Seven bills presented in parliament for approval

Mover Farogh Naseem says bill regard­ing women inheri­tance benefi­cial for courts also

May 4, 2019

'Intelligent' Asad Umar will return to cabinet soon, says PM

Will not sign anothe­r NRO, says premie­r

May 3, 2019

Pakistan Army announces postings and transfers of top commanders

Appoin­tments includ­e postin­gs of milita­ry office­rs promot­ed to the rank of lieute­nant genera­l on April 12

April 23, 2019

PM Imran chairs civil service reforms meeting

Premie­r says govt is commit­ted to de-politi­cising bureau­cracy

February 8, 2019

Qatar expresses interest in CPEC, investment in Gwadar

Qatar plans to invest in food storag­e facili­ties in Gwadar­

January 16, 2019

Nisar may quit PML-N 'if party becomes housemaid'

Says will decide from which party’s platfo­rm to contes­t electi­ons

March 31, 2018

Ashiana bidding cancelled on ACE recommendation

Docume­nts show CM ordere­d invest­igatio­n after initia­l report­s of wrongd­oing in bid

February 15, 2018

Pakistan responds to India's UN delegate: 'This too, shall fail'

Indian dream of domina­ting the region will remain just a dream, the Pakist­ani delega­te said

September 23, 2017

President Trump changes tack in meeting with Abbasi

During formal meetin­g, Abbasi, Pence agree to resume bilate­ral talks next month

September 20, 2017

Meeting with Pence: Abbasi to convey Pakistan's concerns over Afghan policy

Two sides to meet on the sideli­nes of 72nd UN Genera­l Assemb­ly sessio­n

September 18, 2017