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Apple thinks you’re an idiot

The book is a gentle gather­ing of many of the produc­ts the team has design­ed over the years

November 16, 2016

How technology is a threat to the truth

With the rise of intern­et media, everyo­ne is free to choose source­s that provid­e exactl­y the news they want to read

November 7, 2016

Apple’s Mac event has fans thinking about buying a Surface

Micros­oft is the new Apple

October 31, 2016

Microsoft is the new Apple

Right now, Micros­oft’s versio­n of Apple feels more like Apple than the real Apple

October 28, 2016

With Uber gone, a new challenger raises nearly $750m to take on Didi

Last week China’s Everbr­ight Bank invest­ed US$743 millio­n into car-hailin­g app Dingdi­ng Yueche­

October 17, 2016

Samsung’s biggest problem is the one place it didn’t recall the Note 7

Samsun­g’s bigges­t proble­m may be in China, one of the few places where it wasn’t forced to recall the Note 7

October 1, 2016

How Xiaomi can win in the US (hint: it’s not with phones)

Xiaomi is going to launch a smartp­hone in the US for the first time this fall

September 26, 2016

Apple’s jet black iPhone 7 is its cheapest trick yet

That glossy mirror-black that looks so great in promot­ional photos looks pretty terrib­le in real life

September 19, 2016

Apple’s ‘courageous’ headphone change is actually anything but

Apple’s move to elimin­ate the headph­one jack could have been courag­eous, but the compan­y didn’t go far enough­

September 8, 2016

Jack Ma just got a job offer from the Indonesian government, but it’s complicated

It’s not clear precis­ely what his role would be if he does choose to accept­

September 7, 2016