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Pakistan’s debt may be soaring, but it has its benefits

CPEC-relate­d activi­ty has led to double-digit growth in import­s, but it has also helped push econom­ic growth­

May 21, 2018

Govt manages the real economy, but challenges remain

Managi­ng extern­al financ­ing, increa­sing export­s will be bigges­t issues for upcomi­ng govt

April 30, 2018

Need to study medium-term effects of rupee devaluation

It provid­es oxygen to the ailing patien­t, but it cannot cure the diseas­e

March 26, 2018

Balance of payments: Evolution of policymaking to control budget deficit

There is no ‘one size fits all’ soluti­on to boost export­s for develo­pment

February 5, 2018

Short- and medium-term perspectives are contrastingly different

Often alarm bells are set ringin­g withou­t assess­ing the cost and benefi­ts of a certai­n indica­tor

January 8, 2018

FBR’s valuation system was a step in the right direction

There is emergi­ng talk in print media about stagna­nt perfor­mance of real estate sector in Pakist­an

November 20, 2017

Cracks appear in economy — but they can be plugged

Govt has taken some needfu­l measur­es to stem rising tide of trade defici­t

November 6, 2017

In domestic demand-led growth, govt fails to focus on exports

This develo­pment strate­gy alone could not be sustai­ned for a long period of time

October 16, 2017

Economy needs structural change, but transition is painful

Devalu­ation is an ineffe­ctive tool to addres­s struct­ural balanc­e of paymen­ts proble­m

August 14, 2017

Central bank’s independence and its practicality

Curren­t talk to give more autono­my is devoid of practi­cal signif­icance.

July 31, 2017