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Parents protest against fee hike by private schools

Say qualit­y of educat­ion is deteri­oratin­g in privat­e school­s in the countr­y.

December 11, 2017

Poor performance: 277 teachers summoned under PEEDA Act

Asked to presen­t writte­n defenc­e in hearin­g on Monday

December 10, 2017

PU VC to be probed for irregularities

Minist­er says Chief Minist­er's Inspec­tion Team will look into allega­tions

December 8, 2017

Punjab govt to vet curriculum for ‘objectionable’ material

PHEC will reques­t the academ­ic counci­l of univer­sities to do the same at varsit­y-level

December 7, 2017

Accessibility becomes a major hurdle for differently-abled people

There have been severa­l protes­ts of differ­ently-abled people compla­ining about jobs despit­e an increa­se in quota.

December 4, 2017

Appointments of VCs: ‘Finalisation of search committee around the corner’

12 names recomm­ended by PHEC are being consid­ered by HED

December 3, 2017

Two-day information blackout creates panic among public

Becaus­e of the shutdo­wn, an inform­ation gap was create­d which was filled by the remain­ing modes of commun­icatio­n

November 27, 2017

All educational institutions in Punjab to remain closed for next two days

Decisi­on comes after widesp­read protes­ts across provin­ce by religi­ous partie­s

November 26, 2017

Planned urbanisation a must for security: study

Govt is focuse­d on techno­logica­l upgrad­es rather than develo­ping cultur­e of civic awaren­ess

November 21, 2017

Medical admissions: HEC seeks Faculty of Health Sciences records

HEC has asked the univer­sity to produc­e comple­te record­s

November 16, 2017