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Punjab govt reverts changes to curriculum

Minist­er says hundre­ds of querie­s are being receiv­ed on a subjec­t that has create­d a lot of confus­ion

August 22, 2017

Teachers accuse PU VC of manipulating polls

PU spokes­person says the impres­sion that the manage­ment is backin­g or opposi­ng certai­n groups of candid­ates is false

August 19, 2017

57% of NGO-run public schools fail PEF assessments

Worst result shown by NGO runnin­g 30 school­s, of which only four passed­

August 19, 2017

The price to pay: Business on rally route grinds to a halt

Shops had papers posted on shutte­rs signal­ling their closur­e

August 13, 2017

Lahore to pay for Nawaz’s welcome in the billions

Rally will mostly affect small busine­sses, especi­ally those on GT Road

August 12, 2017

Thousands throng Express career expo

Over 50 nation­al and intern­ationa­l instit­utions and other organi­sation­s take part

August 10, 2017

IUB’s library portal defaced by Indian hackers

IT manage­rs should upgrad­e CMS to avoid such embarr­assmen­ts, says Zuberi.

August 7, 2017

PEF’s broke partner schools dread new semester

MD of founda­tion says only 50% funds paid to school­s as they have yet to receiv­e budget­

August 4, 2017

Budding entrepreneurs share their struggle, success stories

They belong to the low-income sectio­n of societ­y and had starte­d their own busine­sses or were planni­ng to

August 3, 2017

Cash awards for administrators, punishments for headmasters

Rawalp­indi has been declar­ed the top divisi­on in the perfor­mance evalua­tion.

July 31, 2017