Performance agreements — a new paradigm

Evident that while some ministries have tried to hide behind routine initiatives, most have set concrete targets

Updated Sep 28, 2021
Rupee slide: economics vs politics

The fiscal and monetary policies need to work in tandem, interest rate needs to be adjusted upwards.

Updated Sep 21, 2021
The Pension Commission 2020

If the government is serious in pension reforms, it should immediately introduce an early reform package

Updated Sep 14, 2021
What can civil service learn from military?

All civil servants are assured upward mobility; in the military, only 8 to 10 people per year make it to the top tier

Updated Sep 06, 2021
Taxing the agricultural income

Taxation of agricultural income is a provincial subject under the Constitution

Updated Aug 30, 2021
Pakistan’s expenditure puzzle

The entire federal government runs on borrowed money

Updated Aug 24, 2021
Kamyab Pakistan Programme

The government will provide 100% credit risk cover to commercial banks and will also pick up the interest cost

Updated Aug 17, 2021
Insights from the sky

The nightlight satellite data in particular is quite useful in estimating non-farm economic activity

Updated Aug 09, 2021
Budget 21-22: the resource puzzle

At present, the consolidated fiscal deficit is forecasted to be Rs3.4 trillion or 6.3% of GDP

Updated Aug 02, 2021
Hashtag justice or watershed moment?

More than one out of every four women have experienced physical violence

Updated Jul 26, 2021

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