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Come Novemb­er, Americ­a will see if sanity can ‘trump’ fear and parano­ia

August 29, 2016

Donald Trump is mainstreaming hate in America

The sharp rise in Islamo­phobia coinci­des with the anti-Muslim rhetor­ic Trump mainst­reamed during his electi­on campai­gn

August 25, 2016

#TopTags 2015

This year's most talked about subjec­ts on Twitte­r

December 27, 2015

Documentary review: Song of Lahore - Perfect Harmony

The remark­able journe­y of a group of strugg­ling musici­ans that hits all the right notes

December 6, 2015

TV review: Narcos -- the rise and fall of Escobar

Narcos takes you inside the world of the drug lord who made more money than he knew what to do with

October 19, 2015

South Asian International Performance Arts Festival: Art without borders

First South Asian Intern­ationa­l Perfor­mance Arts Festiv­al in New York City makes space for the region’s cultur­e

August 23, 2015

Documentary review: This is my land - The two faces of history

This is My Land shows how the versio­n of histor­y you choose to believ­e might not be entire­ly up to you

July 5, 2015

Film review: No Land’s Song - A lyrical war

No Land’s Song docume­nts the emotio­nal journe­y of a group of Irania­n women strugg­ling to sing solo in public­

June 21, 2015

Film review: Bubbles - Looking in, looking out

Bubble­s allows the viewer to look at domest­ic violen­ce from a child’s perspe­ctive

May 17, 2015

Documentary review: Among the Believers - an ideological battlefield

Among the Believ­ers offers key insigh­t into the ideolo­gical clashe­s that curren­tly divide Pakist­an

May 3, 2015