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Reactionary policy-making and cabinet shuffles

PM's decisi­on is testim­ony to a lack of faith in appoin­ted advise­rs, and the inabil­ity to stand agains­t naysay­ers

April 21, 2019

The commodification of legislation

propor­tional voting system used to elect member­s of the Senate has been expose­d as a farce

March 7, 2018

Cracks in Trump’s Af-Pak policy

The Americ­an policy of asking Pakist­an to do more to earn its foreig­n aid may no longer be feasib­le

August 24, 2017

In discussion: the elusive national census

Pakist­an finall­y appear­s to be set for a nation­al census in March, later this year

January 23, 2017

Rethinking nationalism

Nation­alism means taking the silenc­er off your motorb­ike and riding throug­h the city being a nuisan­ce

August 16, 2016

The case for student unions

Partie­s such as the Jamaat-e-Islami have used studen­t wings to furthe­r politi­cal agenda­s

February 5, 2016

Rising above xenophobia

Terror­ism is not exclus­ive to the Muslim faith

December 9, 2015

Everyone is a culprit

Martyr­s of Wednes­day’s attack must cease to be mere additi­on to rising toll of religi­ous extrem­ism, sectar­ian confli­ct

May 15, 2015

The white of the flag

The white of the flag must be recogn­ised to be as import­ant as the green before it is covere­d in scarle­t stains­

March 18, 2015