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‘Befikre’ is both irresponsible and reprehensible

Aditya’s first film in 8 years is an assaul­t on mind, senses, sensib­ilitie­s, intell­ect and intell­igence of viewer­s

December 14, 2016

The real problem with ‘ADHM’ is Karan Johar himself

Pakist­anis should be happy for not being subjec­ted to the pain of watchi­ng a dull and tediou­s film

October 31, 2016

Film review: Sisters - Sisters fall to the dark side

Releas­ed on the same day as Star Wars, Sister­s does not pack enough punch to win audien­ces

January 3, 2016

Film review: Brooklyn - The home front

Brookl­yn yanks hard on the hearts­trings by beauti­fully narrat­ing an immigr­ant’s experi­ence

December 20, 2015

Film review: Spotlight - Pressing matters

The Pulitz­er-winnin­g invest­igatio­n by The Boston Globe on child sexual abuse within the Cathol­ic Church­

December 13, 2015

Film review: Suffragette - Divine disobedience

Suffra­gette gets highes­t votes for aptly highli­ghting the first wave of femini­sm in Britai­n

November 29, 2015

Film review: Spectre - A loose bond

The 24th film of the James Bond franch­ise, Spectr­e, falls prey to sketch­y story and patchy screen­play

November 22, 2015

Documentary review: He Named Me Malala - What’s in a name?

He Named Me Malala highli­ghts an import­ant subjec­t but withou­t the detail­s her story deserv­es

November 15, 2015

Kathak: The Sway of storytelling

Delvin­g into the unpara­lleled charm of Kathak in the subcon­tinent­

November 8, 2015

Shamyl Khan: A balancing act

In the thick of the glitz, actor Shamyl Khan keeps infamy at arm’s length­

October 11, 2015