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Top court turns down Talal Chaudhry's plea seeking time to present witness

Hearin­g adjour­ned until tomorr­ow

May 23, 2018

Disqualified dual-national MPs win court relief

SC quashe­s crimin­al procee­dings initia­ted under its 2012 order

May 22, 2018

Sessions judge defends complaint against CJP

Tareen was suspen­ded for forgoi­ng proper channe­l in record­ing compla­int agains­t top judge

May 21, 2018

Firm seeking Volume 10 told to submit papers

Broads­heet was hired by NAB to recove­r money stashe­d in offsho­re compan­ies

May 17, 2018

SC suspends death sentence of Bacha Khan University attack mastermind

Five facili­tators of the Charsa­dda attack had been arrest­ed on Januar­y 23, 2016

May 17, 2018

DRAP concerned over conflicting rulings

Drugs author­ity reques­ts Suprem­e Court to determ­ine jurisd­iction­

May 17, 2018

Justice Iftikhar manhandling case: SC reserves ruling

Top court delibe­rates criter­ia for accept­ing apolog­y of contem­nors

May 16, 2018

Top court deliberates over accepting apology in contempt cases

Justic­e Sheikh observ­es it is court's discre­tion to discha­rge contem­pt procee­dings

May 15, 2018

LHC asked to settle social security funds cases

Petiti­on says Pessi is respon­sible to provid­e worker­s benefi­ts in certai­n events­

May 15, 2018

Kiln workers move SC against ‘mafia’

File applic­ation agains­t lawyer­s, AORs, munshi­s operat­ing within apex court

May 12, 2018