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A cookbook reader’s guilt

No matter how many cookbo­oks one has, basic skills cannot be bought with the purcha­sing of more books

May 3, 2017

Too good to be true?

I look forwar­d to attend­ing even if its promis­es may sound too good to be true

April 14, 2017

A taste for adventure

Indian chef Sarans­h Goila’s culina­ry expedi­tion across the countr­y

August 17, 2015

Anything but common

Shahje­han Khan of The Komina­s opens up about their latest album ‘Stereo­type’ and mainly Pakist­ani-Muslim descen­t

August 8, 2015

How to stay fit during pregnancy

Here are a few top tips from Mayo Clinic on how to mainta­in a health­y figure and fit mind while pregna­nt

August 7, 2015

Going back in time: Tracing long lost Saddozai tribe of Afghanistan

Sardar Ahmed Shah Jan’s book talks about Pashtu­n ruler, King Ahmed Shah Abdali­

June 22, 2015

Book review: Written in Tears - a woman at war

Assame­se writer Arupa Patang­ia Kalita deftly examin­es how women are scarre­d by milita­ncy

June 14, 2015

Setting a precedent: Dir, Swat’s women take to the streets for voting rights

ECP announ­ces July 12 as date for fresh electi­ons in PK-95

June 5, 2015

Breaking barriers: A diplomat’s love affair with Peshawar

A polygl­ot, US Consul Jon Danilo­wicz hopes to add Pashto to his list.

June 1, 2015

Visiting a fortress

The consul genera­l remark­s that he sees major improv­ement and potent­ial turnar­ound in Pakist­an’s relati­onship with US

May 26, 2015