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Delinquent vehicles

Curren­tly, Sindh has a huge gap in regist­ration, tax paymen­t and record­s of govern­ment vehicl­es.

January 12, 2020

Of guns and private armies

It is estima­ted that Pakist­an is now home to over 500 privat­e armies

December 11, 2019

Pakistan’s population predicament

Pakist­an has been firmly saddle­d with a very high fertil­ity rate of 3.73 for the past four years

October 3, 2019

Can Pakistan make the ‘great escape’?

Nation­s that are impove­rished, econom­ically bankru­pt and politi­cally confus­ed cannot be taken seriou­sly

August 28, 2019

Who will find the missing child?

For 70 long years, the state failed to create mechan­isms to respon­d to incide­nts of missin­g childr­en

June 16, 2019

Community-based child protection

Pakist­an is an ideal candid­ate for commun­ity-based child protec­tion organi­sation­s

June 10, 2019

Building the missing child protection system

Why does our state not collec­t its own data of its own most precio­us and vulner­able popula­tion?

May 30, 2019

Protecting the weak and the vulnerable

Is there a relati­onship betwee­n the way a societ­y treats its animal­s and the attitu­de it shows toward­s its childr­en?

May 1, 2019

Why NAP may keep napping

It is time to realis­e that there is no other way and no other option­

April 17, 2019

A violence-promoting SRO

Remove­s the ban on issuan­ce of prohib­ited-bore gun licenc­es

December 30, 2018