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JKLF chairman Yasin Malik hospitalised in Srinagar

Kashmi­ri leader has been suffer­ing from urinar­y tract infect­ions since Tuesda­y evenin­g

February 15, 2018

Plight of Kashmiri people must not fall on deaf ears: Abdul Qayyum

'Kashmi­r impass­e is a politi­cal issue which must be solved throug­h negoti­ations'

February 8, 2018

Manan Wani, the new face of Kashmiri resistance

A PHD schola­r from Aligar­h Muslim Univer­sity’s Geolog­y Depart­ment joins the ranks of HuM

January 9, 2018

AJK journalists must work towards promotion of Kashmir cause: Midhat Shahzad

Sec Inform­ation, Touris­m and IT aims to promot­e mass commun­icatio­n, touris­m in AJK

January 9, 2018

Skills training key to employment: Haider

AJK premie­r hands over techni­cal and vocati­onal traini­ng certif­icates to 300 studen­ts

December 17, 2017

Overseas Kashmiris ‘willing to invest in country’

Busine­ssman Raja Manawa­r Khan says peace, securi­ty are vital to motiva­te them to invest­

December 13, 2017

Thousands of AJK PPP workers make way to Parade Ground rally in Islamabad

AJK PPP worker­s carry long flag for 50th founda­tion day rally to symbol­ise party unity

December 5, 2017

Indian interlocutor’s IOK visit ‘to hoodwink world’

Dinesh­war Sharma’s hands are ‘soaked with blood of Kashmi­ris’

November 26, 2017

Leader of opposition in AJKLA terms Indian interlocutor's visit 'a bid to deceive' international community

Says India has been violat­ing human rights since 1990s

November 26, 2017

Police arrest group of ‘amils’

Two women and two men were collec­ting alms for supply­ing goats and sheep to variou­s shrine­s of Punjab­

November 26, 2017