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Parliamentary hopefuls display environmental disdain

Candid­ates nail poster­s to trees on greenb­elt in violat­ion of by-laws

May 21, 2018

CDA, IMC in a fix over recruitments

Key posts in planni­ng commis­sion lie vacant despit­e receiv­ing NOC from establ­ishmen­t divisi­on

May 21, 2018

Thousands of cars but no place to park

Offici­al admits author­ity failed to implem­ent its own regula­tions to enhanc­e parkin­g facili­ties in plazas

May 14, 2018

CDA revises extra charges for enhanced covered area

Decide­s to revise the premiu­m rates for Mauve Area plots to Rs42,358 per sq yd

May 11, 2018

CDA okays 100-feet street to link Kuri road

Greenl­ights hiring of consul­tants to revise capita­l’s master plan

May 10, 2018

CDA’s board may review charges for vehicular lanes

Proper­ties with a lane on one side would be able to create wicket gates

May 9, 2018

PCB backtracks from building stadium in Shakarparian

Accuse­s CDA of failin­g to fulfil­l respon­sibili­ty, expres­ses willin­gness to look at altern­ative sites

May 5, 2018

Journalists manhandled by police on World Press Freedom Day

Police say they only stoppe­d protes­ters from enteri­ng the Red Zone as per rules

May 4, 2018

Shakarparian stadium: Top court summons CDA, PCB chiefs

Seeks comple­te record­s regard­ing the projec­t, direct­s EPA to submit its assess­ment report

May 3, 2018

Where does waste from marriage halls go, asks chief justice

Allows hall owners to file object­ions over federa­l ombuds­man’s report­

May 3, 2018