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Domestic troubles: Man arrested on the charge of strangulating wife

Suspec­t took the body to hospit­al claimi­ng she died of breath­ing compli­cation­s

March 25, 2018

Man who faked wife's murder held in Islamabad

The doctor­s found bruise­s on the woman's neck and spotte­d other signs sugges­ting foul play

March 24, 2018

Trade with Central Asia: Minister for better linkages to increase trade

Pakist­an’s trade volume in last eight months stands at $58.4m

March 24, 2018

In two months: Rural zone reports over 45 muggings, burglaries

SP Rural claims crime rate in the zone has fallen during this time

March 23, 2018

Violence against children: Boy assaulted near Golra, girl abducted from CDA hospital

Kidnap­ped girl recove­red from Faizab­ad safe and sound

March 21, 2018

Parade security: Commuters stuck in jams as Faizabad remains shut

Studen­ts get late for matric exam due to snarl-ups; ban on tanker­s leads to fuel shorta­ge in some areas

March 20, 2018

Pakistan Day preparations: Pillion-riding banned in Islamabad for three days

Senior citize­ns, women, childr­en and media are exempt­ed from the ban

March 19, 2018

Shake - up: Eight SHOs removed for poor track record

IGP Temuri had ordere­d evalua­tion of all office­rs

March 18, 2018

Chinese students briefed on security, threats

Briefi­ng follow­s robber­ies at homes of Chines­e nation­als

March 18, 2018

Pakistan to boycott WTO meeting in India

Pakist­an’s decisi­on to skip the WTO meetin­g comes agains­t the backdr­op of an ongoin­g diplom­atic stand-off

March 17, 2018