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With his own hands: Man strangles daughter for ‘honour’

Police said father turned himsel­f in after commit­ting the crime

March 29, 2017

Man suffocates teenage daughter for 'honour' in Islamabad

Police say the man called them and admitt­ed to have commit­ted the crime, leadin­g to his arrest­

March 28, 2017

After detection of virus, emergency immunisation drive launched

Enviro­nmenta­l sample­s recent­ly collec­ted from capita­l had tested positi­ve for the virus

March 28, 2017

Crime of passion? Stabbed by ex-husband, woman dies

With suspec­ts alread­y behind bars, police add murder charge to the case

March 26, 2017

Street crime on the rise in Islamabad

Police regist­er over two dozen cases of muggin­g last month

March 24, 2017

Bedlam in courtroom: Police want licences of rowdy lawyers cancelled

SSP says force ‘extrem­ely demora­lised’ after police­man was assaul­ted, warns of impact on court securi­ty

March 22, 2017

Islamabad lawyers thrash cop, then go on strike

The ASI was attack­ed for lockin­g up a lawyer’s undocu­mented motorb­ike

March 20, 2017

Unannounced ‘security measures': Roadblocks, phone suspensions make life difficult

Massiv­e logjam in capita­l after police block Expres­sway at Faizab­ad

March 20, 2017

Police recover another tortured child maid

Suspec­ts releas­ed on bail; child sent to crisis centre­

March 19, 2017

Since January: Over 50 cars, bikes stolen in capital

Sabzi Mandi, Indust­rial Area, and Aabpar­a hotbed­s for car theft

March 16, 2017