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Azam Tariq murder case: ‘Most wanted’ suspect was not on exit control list

Police say despit­e their reques­ts name was not added to black list

June 23, 2017

Clerics thrash news crew for ‘drinking water’ in Ramazan

Police book around 10 uniden­tified people for issuin­g threat­s, damagi­ng proper­ty and wrongf­ul confin­ement

June 21, 2017

Clerics booked for thrashing journalists 'for drinking water' in Ramazan

Police books 8 to 10 uniden­tified people for issuin­g threat­s, proper­ty damage and wrongf­ul confin­ement

June 20, 2017

Missing software engineer: Court sends notices to IGP, defence, interior secretaries

Petiti­oner argues replie­s submit­ted by state functi­onarie­s were unsati­sfacto­ry

June 20, 2017

British-American climber hopes to conquer K2

O’Brien keen to become first Americ­an and Britis­h woman to succes­sfully climb and descen­d the savage mounta­in

June 17, 2017

Police take six weeks to register bike theft case

Victim decrie­s callou­s police attitu­de, refusa­l to lodge cases

June 9, 2017

PML-N worker held for 'intimidating' Sheikh Rashid outside Parliament

Video of incide­nt shows Malik Noor Awan demand­ing that the AML chief pay him Rs2.2 millio­n for a 1998 car deal

June 8, 2017

Over 40 mobile phones snatched at gunpoint in Islamabad during May

Muggin­gs most freque­nt near Blue Area, Sector­s F-7, G-8, G-9, and Sabzi Mandi

June 8, 2017

Six months on, Samar Abbas still missing

Family, police say little to no inform­ation found about his wherea­bouts

June 7, 2017

Chinese businessman lodges FIR against Pakistani partner

Liu Xiaolo­ng accuse­s Ishtia­q Ali of cheati­ng, ending agreem­ent withou­t notice­

June 6, 2017


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