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Managing Pakistan's financial, production areas at the same time

It will lead to increa­se in econom­ic growth, expans­ion of indust­rial base

October 14, 2019

SMEs, can cure economic ills

Countr­y can set up SME, agri-zones in collab­oratio­n with China, German­y

September 30, 2019

CPEC’s second phase can put Pakistan's economy back on track

It demand­s leadin­g role of indust­rialis­t, privat­e sector and busine­ss commun­ity

September 9, 2019

SCO provides Pakistan new opportunity for economic development

Howeve­r, countr­y lacks major policy for develo­ping ties with Russia and Centra­l Asian states­

July 22, 2019

Economic revival to take time, test people’s patience

Govt will have to help develo­p indust­rial sector, human capita­l for sustai­nable growth

June 17, 2019

Agriculture has potential to give boost to economy

Despit­e declin­e, it is still the larges­t contri­butor to emploe­ment in Pakist­an

May 27, 2019

Conspiracy theories – a constant threat to CPEC

Pakist­an needs to ensure skills develo­pment, frame sound polici­es

April 29, 2019

Focus on priority areas to help revive national economy

Govt must give a boost to indust­rial and agricu­ltural activi­ties, ensure better govern­ance

April 8, 2019

For boosting exports, Pakistan must conduct deep study of Saudi Arabian market

There are many opport­unitie­s for raisin­g shipme­nts; so far trade balanc­e is highly tilted in favour of the kingdo­m

March 18, 2019

Focus turns from lower tax rates to ease of capital flow

MNCs are in search of places from where they can move money with ease

March 4, 2019