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  • The Maharaja’s residence

    When I first saw it, the summer residence of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was in perfect fettle.

  • Truthful inaccuracy

    I fear Zero Dark Thirty may well turn out to be prophetic: that one day, we will totally succumb to Arab imperialism.

  • No quiet place

    Across Pakistan, Qingqi retain their original silencers. But Punjab is with the curse where they must operate without.

  • The Alafis’ refuge

    About an hour after leaving the transport and grinding ever upward through Kech Bund one comes to Kussui Kalat.

  • The Alafis in Sindh

    When the Arabs consolidated their hold on Makran, the Alafis fled east to Sindh, seeking refuge with Raja Dahar.

  • Invasion of Sindh

    The Chachnama tells us that in the year 632 Mughera led the first assault, a naval expedition, on Debal.

  • The Chachnama

    In 1216, Ali bin Mohammad Kufi, wishing to learn about the history of Sindh sought out true sources & wrote the book.

  • He came by sea?

    MbQ was instructed by Hujaj bin Yusuf to travel through Shiraz, Iran. Thus his route was south by east by way of Kech.

  • Ari Pir

    Ari Pir was a staging post between Sehwan to Lahut Valley for malangs who passed through from former to latter.

  • The man and the ‘naseeb’

    When one fetes a traveller, it is not long after that one finds oneself on the lonely road in need of hospitality.