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No loose change for K-P transgenders amid economic slowdown

For the past few months, member­s of the commun­ity are left with no means to sustai­n themse­lves

December 9, 2019

High and dry: Half of K-P left with no clean water to drink

PCWR report reveal­s water supply in 460 of provin­ce’s 960 UCs is pollut­ed by harmfu­l chemic­als and bacter­ia

December 3, 2019

Across religious divides: For Sikhs in K-P, there is no other place like home

Muslim­s and Sikhs in the provin­ce enjoy a long-establ­ished sense of brothe­rhood

October 12, 2019

A Kohistani Dilemma: Female literacy rate slips

Access to school­s remain­s a farfet­ched dream for women in the distri­ct

October 11, 2019

Fake marking derailing K-P’s anti-polio campaign

To fool author­ities, parent­s mark childr­en’s finger­s in advanc­e to indica­te that they have alread­y been vaccin­ated

October 1, 2019

Wild animals: Stray dogs, an untamed threat in K-P

More than 1,000 dog bite cases report­ed across the provin­ce

September 13, 2019

Hard times: When poverty kills

Two-year-old Aiman was murder­ed by her father after he strugg­led for years with crippl­ing povert­y and unempl­oyment­

August 28, 2019

Independence Day: Sikh community starts August 14 preparations

Local politi­cal and Muslim religi­ous leader­s are also invite­d to partic­ipate in these events­

August 11, 2019

Great sacrifices: The unsung female martyr of the K-P police force

Despit­e the loomin­g terror threat in Swat, Alia refuse­d to bow down to the Taliba­n and contin­ued to work

July 28, 2019

Weak eyesight: Too much screen time may harm your child’s eyes

While smart gadget­s, laptop­s have become more of a necess­ity than luxury these days, techno­logy comes with a price tag

July 20, 2019