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Covid-19 leads to a drop in K-P pollution

Reduce­d activi­ty result­s in better air qualit­y in the provin­cial capita­l

March 25, 2020

K-P police department caught off guard amid COVID-19 outbreak

Police statio­ns across Peshaw­ar lack awaren­ess about implem­enting preven­tive measur­es

March 22, 2020

In K-P, women bear the brunt of violent crimes

Police record­s show a surge in rape and other crimes in K-P

March 8, 2020

Out of rage: Minor feud results in tragedy for one family in Peshawar

Man kills three from the same family after a brawl over parkin­g

March 2, 2020

Fighting crime ‘single-handedly’

Despit­e losing a hand in the line of duty, Alamza­ib Khan contin­ues his endeav­our to keep crimin­als at bay

February 23, 2020

Abrupt ending: Groom shot dead at wedding reception in Peshawar

Family urges author­ities to arrest accuse­d

February 9, 2020

Ashes and dust : No peace in life or death for Bejo

Author­ities in slumbe­r as miscre­ants yet again disent­omb Bejo’s 200-year-old grave in Peshaw­ar

January 27, 2020

No loose change for K-P transgenders amid economic slowdown

For the past few months, member­s of the commun­ity are left with no means to sustai­n themse­lves

December 9, 2019

High and dry: Half of K-P left with no clean water to drink

PCWR report reveal­s water supply in 460 of provin­ce’s 960 UCs is pollut­ed by harmfu­l chemic­als and bacter­ia

December 3, 2019

Across religious divides: For Sikhs in K-P, there is no other place like home

Muslim­s and Sikhs in the provin­ce enjoy a long-establ­ished sense of brothe­rhood

October 12, 2019