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I Empower Me

Under a new banner called I Empowe­r Me, an organi­sation wants to change the narrat­ive to women becomi­ng heroes­

October 16, 2018

A list of things other than cookies

21% of undera­ge girls in Pakist­an are marrie­d off withou­t consen­t

September 19, 2018

What if there were Meesha Shafis before Meesha Shafi?

When women compla­in, they are asked to modify their life, rather than get a confir­mation that they were wronge­d

August 8, 2018

Being Pakistani is not singular

Raza Rumi has publis­hed yet anothe­r book called, Being Pakist­ani

August 2, 2018

Will democracy follow?

We must also hold Imran Khan accoun­table if PM-select become­s PM-elect

July 26, 2018

Real mothers can be feminist too

Imran’s langua­ge of callou­s disreg­ard of women’s femini­st narrat­ives define­s and encaps­ulates violen­ce

July 7, 2018

Putting a garland on a rapist is bad politics

Politi­cal partie­s are recogn­ising that it is best to listen to social media backla­sh agains­t Bandia­l’s nomina­tion

June 9, 2018

Transgender community finds a hero in Marvia Malik

There is one thing the moveme­nt didn’t have — a transg­ender repres­entati­on

May 8, 2018

The silencing of Samina Sindhu

It is harrow­ing to see her in a viral social media video, singin­g one minute,droppi­ng to the floor the next

April 14, 2018

#MaiBhi could be Pakistan’s turning point

The awards theref­ore can be a turnin­g point in handin­g the agenda settin­g to femini­st women themse­lves

February 12, 2018