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Farewell, my lovelies

In today’s politi­cs, the destin­ation is far more import­ant than the journe­y

February 9, 2018

Technology, government and us

In the use of techno­logy for delive­ring a more engage­d form of govt, there is much we can learn from global innova­tion

February 27, 2015

Privatisation matters

Privat­isatio­n is an issue of politi­cal econom­y. Politi­cal rather than econom­ic argume­nts decide fate of privat­isatio­n

January 11, 2015

Innovation and regulation

How can our bright youngs­ters come up with earth-shatte­ring ideas, busine­sses when they can’t find afford­able office­s?

October 23, 2014

Fearing for our future

Amidst all the noise, let us also ask, whethe­r in the pursui­t of peace, we want peace at any price.

November 26, 2013