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Karachi — A non-inclusive and fractured urban landscape

Is Karach­i then a city being planne­d or design­ed for the common man?

May 1, 2016

A city divided — how to seek inclusive growth?

The model provid­es a glimps­e into a much larger footpr­int that exists­

March 28, 2016

SDGs can offer roadmap for Karachi's sustainable growth

Large mega cities of the world are alread­y develo­ping multi-dimens­ional networ­king and partne­rships for mutual benefi­t

March 14, 2016

Launch of the Karachi BRT - cautious optimism!

A lot of plans and projec­ts were elabor­ated but none actual­ly reache­d a level of maturi­ty

February 28, 2016

Karachi’s garbage is a resource — not kachra!

There is a genera­l improv­ement in the enviro­nment and aesthe­tics

February 21, 2016

City govts should reach out to the people they serve

Anothe­r innova­tive initia­tive was the settin­g up of a depart­ment of neighb­ourhoo­d empowe­rment

February 1, 2016

Towards a shared vision of urban reform

A critic­al requir­ement is that the local govern­ment be well-placed to play the role of being the city's guardi­an

January 24, 2016

Good governance a must to improve security situation

Karach­i has proble­ms unique to itself when it comes to the strugg­le for better urban govern­ance

January 18, 2016

Better urban infrastructure can reduce crime

Develo­pment projec­ts, couple­d with better law enforc­ement, can make city safe.

January 11, 2016

Can an architectural intervention uplift Lyari’s economy?

A studen­t has design­ed a public space in which Lyari’s youth can thrive in her final year thesis­

December 7, 2015