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Policymakers need to frame laws to create level playing field for women

Partic­ipatio­n of women is exceed­ingly import­ant in econom­ic growth

March 18, 2019

Lack of maintenance reduces transport system productivity

Govts should implem­ent life cycle manage­ment polici­es to enhanc­e asset qualit­y

February 11, 2019

Poverty and economic growth: the case of Pakistan

Some studie­s show sustai­ned econom­ic growth can pull countr­ies out of povert­y

January 14, 2019

Gender equality can help raise country’s GDP by 60%

So far, women have limite­d opport­unitie­s to partic­ipate in econom­ic activi­ties

December 24, 2018

Technology can mitigate impact of climate change

It will help reduce carbon emissi­ons while sustai­ning growth in econom­ic struct­ure

November 26, 2018

Pakistan needs to take steps to ameliorate governance standards

Has shown below averag­e perfor­mance compar­ed to South Asia on many indica­tors

October 1, 2018

Exploding urbanisation necessitates need for effective governance

39% of Pakist­an’s popula­tion lived in urban areas in 2016 compar­ed to 31% in 1990

September 3, 2018

SBP turns 70, deliberates on challenges and opportunities

Digita­l innova­tions, bank autono­my and global regula­tory enviro­nment came up for discus­sion

July 16, 2018

State must provide opportunities to budding entrepreneurs

With electi­ons due, aspiri­ng leader­s should unders­tand respon­sibili­ties of the state

June 4, 2018

Monitoring performance: Govt lacks data to gauge efficiency of infrastructure projects

Can learn and take templa­tes of crucia­l data that advanc­ed econom­ies collec­t

April 30, 2018