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Is govt debt crucial to country’s growth?

Focus should be on attrac­ting FDI, boosti­ng tax procee­ds and invest­ment

April 16, 2018

Women and financial inclusion – the case of Pakistan

Report sugges­ts 21m adults do not have a bank accoun­t due to inadeq­uate docume­ntatio­n

March 12, 2018

Private financing needs to be mobilised for projects

Infras­tructu­re policy is govt’s domain, but requir­es long-term planni­ng

February 12, 2018

$14.6tr was the impact of violence on global economy in 2016

Pakist­an stands at 152 out of 163 countr­ies in the Global Peace Index

December 11, 2017

Is Bitcoin the future for Pakistan?

Digita­l curren­cies have gather­ed a lot of attent­ion across the world

November 20, 2017

Pakistan’s construction industry – the hot cake for foreign investors

Countr­y needs to elimin­ate bottle­necks in growth of the develo­ping indust­ry.

October 23, 2017

Investing in women can do wonders for Pakistan

Despit­e eviden­ce of massiv­e gains, countr­ies fail to strive for gender equity­

September 25, 2017

Karachi needs creativity-led urban development

Key source of succes­s is abilit­y to attrac­t most creati­ve talent­

August 28, 2017

Opportunities and risks: Growth prospects of emerging markets rise

IMF report provid­es an overvi­ew of global econom­ic health­

August 7, 2017

Central bank independence critical for price stability

It create­s favour­able enviro­nment for econom­ic growth, job creati­on

July 24, 2017