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Access to lifesaving drugs: PIMS to expand range, limit of medicines under local purchase

Hospit­al chief direct­s to instal­l camera­s in the pharma­cy to ensure transp­arency

August 13, 2018

Lack of incinerator: Tribunal issues Rs1m notice to PIMS, CDA

Partie­s involv­ed summon­ed by the IHC

July 24, 2018

Environmental protection: CCTV cameras to be installed at steel mills to monitor pollution

EPA seals off mills spread­ing pollut­ion and in non-compli­ance of the agency­

July 17, 2018

Government yet to hire 333 staff at PIMS

Summar­ies were sent to the financ­e, establ­ishmen­t divisi­ons but to little avail

May 29, 2018

SZABMU still on the hunt for vice chancellor

Univer­sity’s regist­ration under threat of being cancel­led after PIMS separa­tion

May 12, 2018

Bureaucratic snags: Dozens of doctors, nurses and workers unpaid for 10 months

Bone Marrow Transp­lant Centre and Cardia­c Centre, contin­ue servin­g people

April 1, 2018

Over 180 patients test positive for swine flu in twin cities

Offici­als conced­e there have been two fatali­ties from the virus

February 14, 2018

Bogus investment: Man arrested from court for fraud

The prosec­utor said that 137 indivi­duals were affect­ed by the fraud

March 1, 2016

Pakistan incomplete without Kashmir: political leaders

Rashid says some powers sabota­ge peace initia­tives

February 4, 2016

Expressway expansion: Senators reprimand CDA officials for trampling law

Seek report on inquir­y agains­t former EPA direct­or-genera­l, shifti­ng of indust­rial units from I-9, 1-10 sector­s

September 4, 2015