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Accountability in education

Suffic­ient attent­ion has not been paid to the techni­cal and vocati­onal educat­ion in Pakist­an

July 13, 2018

Pakistan has gone from water surplus to water-stressed

Per capita availa­bility has droppe­d from approx­imatel­y 5,000 cubic metres to 1,000 cubic metres per year

May 14, 2018

Resource distribution: Instead of updating NFC Award, govt opts for ad hoc extensions

Smalle­r provin­ces protes­t agains­t delay in recent­ly held NFC meetin­g

April 16, 2018

Is REDD+ mechanism enough to fight climate change?

Econom­ic forces often overpo­wer need to conser­ve forest­s and addres­s other enviro­nmenta­l concer­ns.

November 20, 2017

Country witnesses no major change in political, economic structure

Corrup­t govern­ance system, land-owning politi­cal class keep econom­ic reform­s at bay

October 16, 2017

Impact of rising external debt on economic growth

To reduce relian­ce on debt, indust­rial and agricu­ltural sector­s need to be streng­thened­

August 7, 2017

Bridging shortfall: Energy sector should get priority in resource allocation

Govt utilis­ing less than the budget earmar­ked for energy projec­ts

June 26, 2017

Education and social safety nets: what budget numbers say

Factua­l analys­is reveal­s pressu­re on the common man has only increa­sed

June 19, 2017

Public-private partnerships key to achieving SDGs

Pakist­an is a long way from realis­ing the 17 Sustai­nable Develo­pment Goals.

May 29, 2017

Metro Bus Project: The opportunity cost of ignoring education

A statis­tical look into the benefi­ts of the projec­t agains­t buildi­ng school­s

July 6, 2015