Failure to put economy back on track

Successive governments have made sure that every opportunity is wasted at all costs

Updated Nov 14, 2021
NDC - Pakistan and missing links

Country has made voluntary commitment to halve projected emissions by 2030

Updated Oct 31, 2021
Gwadar gateway of rapid growth

Studies suggest port city will be one of the most competitive connectivity hubs

Updated Jul 12, 2021
Pak-Saudi economic ties and Vision 2030

Islamabad can benefit greatly as Riyadh opens for economic partnerships, talent hunt

Updated May 09, 2021
Challenges and new economic team

New team lacks experts in agriculture, CPEC and knowledge economy

Updated Apr 25, 2021
Openness, inclusiveness and sustainable development

Economic growth and development are dwindling

Updated Feb 01, 2021
Despite odds, China continues to invest in Pakistan

In 2020, two countries maintained pace of work, expand cooperation

Updated Jan 03, 2021
Taking benefit of new China model

Smart planning will open fresh business avenues, pay rich dividends

Updated Dec 20, 2020
Political economy and reforms

Lack of people-centric reforms contributes to poverty, food insecurity, joblessness

Updated Oct 25, 2020
Privatisation, state-run enterprises

Country should opt for overhaul of SOEs to make them competitive

Updated Sep 06, 2020

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