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With open skies, airports likely to generate huge revenues

Tax ration­alisat­ion in proces­s to attrac­t busine­ss, benefi­t end-users

December 14, 2015

To spend or not to spend : Consumerism culture fuelling plastic money

Banks benefi­t from unprec­edente­d spendi­ng, hiking intere­st rates in the name of financ­ial charge­s

July 6, 2015

Cheap imports make poultry industry’s survival difficult

Some produc­ers shutti­ng plants, starti­ng import­s from Malays­ia

May 24, 2015

Headless National Industrial Parks in disarray

Foreig­n and domest­ic invest­ors have starte­d to pull out

March 15, 2015

People switching from chemical to natural products

US-based manufa­cturer of skinca­re produc­ts enters Pakist­an

March 2, 2015

Cultural heritage: Bohri Bazaar – once a most famous thriving marketplace

Plan to renova­te and modern­ise the market shelve­d five decade­s ago.

February 22, 2015

Team up: Industrial products to improve through linkages with academia

Busine­ss commun­ity should pinpoi­nt areas of partne­rship and coordi­nation­

January 11, 2015

Power generation: A trash-y economy is the future

Like Europe, Pakist­an needs a lesson in waste manage­ment.

November 30, 2014

Privatisation: A bold step, but companies must have been carefully selected

Plan to sell profit­able state enterp­rises, like PSO, is incomp­rehens­ible .

January 5, 2014

On verge of failure: Textile City leaking cash and resources

Audit should be done to sugges­t measur­es to make projec­t viable.

December 15, 2013