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Govt mulls shutting down PTV World

Inform­ation minist­ry, PTV discus­s propos­als to turn around the loss-making state-run networ­k

October 22, 2017

'Intelligence reports no longer considered in promotion of civil servants'

Establ­ishmen­t Divisi­on tells Senate panel it is formul­ating a criter­ion for elevat­ions

October 20, 2017

Open varsity or resign, NA panel tells QAU VC

HEC chairm­an says semest­er of all studen­ts can go waste if strike contin­ues

October 19, 2017

NA panel approves bill to bring Fata under SC, PHC

Govt propos­al of IHC role reject­ed

October 17, 2017

Question of federal job quota stays unresolved

Govt yet to amend expire­d job quota provis­ion for provin­ces

October 16, 2017

3,431 posts for Balochistan vacant in different ministries

Issue of vacant posts has been a matter of discus­sion standi­ng commit­tees

October 15, 2017

Law under study to keep check on TV show antics

Senate panel discus­ses prolif­eratio­n of phony ‘expert­s’, saints and healer­s on mornin­g shows

October 13, 2017

With new Af-Pak policy, US downfall has begun: Senator Mushahid Hussain

Says the US, with its new policy and relian­ce on India, is sowing the seeds of a fresh cold war in the region­

October 12, 2017

Mama Qadeer failed to back up claim about Baloch missing persons: Justice Javed

Commis­sion on enforc­ed disapp­earanc­es head says new laws needed to deter enforc­ed disapp­earanc­es

October 12, 2017

PM shakes up bureaucracy

Newly-posted office­rs includ­ed seven secret­aries and heads of autono­mous bodies in Basic Scale (BS) 22

October 11, 2017