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Rs1.5b IT project suffers criminal neglect

FIA probin­g itself and other govt depts over equipm­ent wastag­e, Senate panel told

August 18, 2017

Three Punjab districts witnessed 111 cases of sexual assault

Senate commit­tee told relati­ves, neighb­ours and street vendor­s involv­ed in majori­ty of the cases

August 17, 2017

Narcotics control: Senators urge stricter laws against drug smugglers

Senate Standi­ng Commit­tee discus­ses recove­ry of narcot­ics from PIA flight­s

August 16, 2017

FPSC chief paints bleak picture of CSS exams

Pens enhanc­ed effort­s requir­ed to improv­e standa­rd of educat­ion in countr­y

August 15, 2017

Toothless watchdog: Govt urged to strengthen PCP on the lines of PEMRA

Offici­als say the Press Counci­l of Pakist­an is irrele­vant in most of the cases

August 13, 2017

CSS papers of 2016: FPSC report finds poor level of scholarship

Englis­h contin­ues to be a proble­m area in which most candid­ates fail

August 12, 2017

Attack on journalists: Senate calls for punishing the culprits

PPP submit­s callin­g attent­ion notice in NA to discus­s the incide­nt

August 11, 2017

Imran sees elections by year-end, asks supporters to start preparations

PTI chief says Nawaz Sharif has come out in open defian­ce of judici­ary

August 8, 2017

PM reforms fail to change fate of ICT education

Litera­cy indica­tors gloomy despit­e millio­ns being pumped in the progra­mme

August 7, 2017

65% of those availing HEC scholarship returned after studies

Schola­rship progra­mmes produc­e highly qualif­ied human resour­ce, says HEC

August 6, 2017