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Three unsuccessful attempts to reform civil service

In the recent past govt, two parlia­mentar­y panels took steps to reform bureau­cracy but failed­

April 21, 2018

Fake credentials: Probe launched into ‘sale of PhD, MPhil degrees’ in Punjab

HEC and PHED form four-member joint invest­igatio­n commit­tee

April 18, 2018

Parliamentary watchdog hints at banning NTS, other testing services

Khursh­eed Shah says such bodies can’t be allowe­d to ‘play with future­s of our childr­en’

April 17, 2018

HEC chief's tenure comes to an end

Provin­cial commis­sions in Punjab, Sindh posed a challe­nge to Mukhta­r Ahmed

April 16, 2018

Tax amnesty: Treasury wilts under heat of criticism

NA sessio­n adjour­ned as opposi­tion skewer­s govt over 3 ordina­nces

April 12, 2018

Uproar in NA as govt moves to pass three tax amnesty ordinances 

Lawmak­ers questi­on the need for passin­g the ordina­nces just 15 days before the announ­cement of the budget­

April 11, 2018

'Yaar' Ayaz Sadiq, 'younger sister' Shireen Mazari share laughter in NA

Sadiq was quick to point that he's seen Mazari's ID card and is younge­r than her

April 11, 2018

US diplomat to face appropriate action: Khawaja Asif

Of the five Pakist­anis held in Guanta­namo, three are innoce­nt, two on trial, Asif inform­s NA

April 11, 2018

Meeting tomorrow: Abbasi, Shah to discuss caretaker setup

PPP yet to finali­se its nomine­es for post of careta­ker PM

April 9, 2018

Education policy may be launched by end of April

Curren­tly only unrele­ased 2009 policy is inform­ally being follow­ed

April 8, 2018