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Three years on: HEC yet to find Seerat chairs heads

Not even a single schola­r applyi­ng for the posts satisf­ied the criter­ia

June 24, 2017

Military, PAF on inquiry list: Body set up to probe ‘land occupation’ in Quetta

Senato­rs expres­s concer­n over occupy­ing land withou­t paying money to owners­

June 20, 2017

HEC starts online degree attestation

Regist­ration for degree progra­mmes can also be done online­

June 18, 2017

Rift over admission tests: Punjab body ‘culls’ federal HEC’s directives

HEC consti­tutes ETC to conduc­t tests, while Punjab advise­s varsit­ies to carry out tests on their own

June 16, 2017

Fate of 1,164 civil servants: CSB all set to (re)consider promotions next week

SC had given 10 weeks to the Establ­ishmen­t Divisi­on on April 13 to devise a new policy for promot­ions

June 14, 2017

Senate panel urges govt to prioritise marginalised segments

Govt told to focus on disabl­ed person­s, terror­ism victim­s, widows and others­

June 13, 2017

HEC lacks proper record of PhD scholars it finances

Commis­sion has awarde­d over 10,962 indige­nous and foreig­n schola­rships costin­g billio­ns of rupees­

June 12, 2017

Over 600 Nadra staffers sacked for issuing CNICs ‘illegally’

Nadra chief tells Senate panel that sackin­g took place after severa­l inquir­ies

June 9, 2017

Low-cost govt housing scheme shelved again

A sub-commit­tee was to submit a detail­ed plan in this regard within next 10 days

June 8, 2017

Establishment Division may request court to reschedule CSB

‘Tight schedu­le’ in Ramaza­n may be cited for postpo­ning board meetin­g

June 2, 2017


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Fiqah Hanfia
Sehar 4:14 AM
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Fiqah Jafaria
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