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Favoritism in bureaucratic promotions alleged

Senate panel seeks record of civil servan­ts reject­ed by PM during last three CSBs

March 29, 2017

'NTS functioning without policy, strategy'

AGP finds Rs453m in 2003-2010 either mispla­ced or stolen from NTS office­

March 28, 2017

Government accused of promoting loyalists

For the past three years, select­ion board decisi­ons have been challe­nged in courts­

March 26, 2017

Airports across Pakistan facing shortage of security staff

Senate was told about requir­ed number of securi­ty offici­als at airpor­ts

March 23, 2017

Cap on new gas connections irks smaller units

Sindh, Baloch­istan and K-P questi­on morato­rium after PM relaxe­d rules for 55 consti­tuenci­es

March 22, 2017

Three-year data: Monsoon flooding claimed 1,029 lives

Law, Justic­e and Climat­e Change Minist­er Zahid Hamid releas­es figure­s before the Senate in respon­se to a questi­on

March 17, 2017

Three-year period: Monsoon floods in Pakistan claimed 1,029 lives

About 1,297 people were injure­d and 4.5m affect­ed since 2014

March 16, 2017

IHC questions legality of criteria used by CSB

Asks govt to explai­n how office­rs were promot­ed in select­ion board held in Dec 2016

March 16, 2017

Correcting a wrong: SC upholds IHC decision to promote 300 officers

AAG admits to having loopho­les in CSB promot­ion criter­ia

March 14, 2017

PML-N starts tweaking system to its advantage

Promot­es civil servan­ts who are likely to serve in key positi­ons during and after 2018 electi­ons 

March 13, 2017