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‘Radical elements may disrupt poll campaigns’

Attack­s may be mounte­d on politi­cal leader­s, electi­on staff, interi­or minist­ry warns

June 21, 2018

Imran demands removal of KP governor

Says free and fair electi­ons will be compro­mised if Jhagra contin­ues to hold the office­

June 20, 2018

HEC governing body takes shape after two years

Plagia­rism case of the execut­ive direct­or is also on the body’s agenda­

June 15, 2018

PM Nasirul Mulk appoints four provincial secretaries, replaces IGs

ECP likely to meet tomorr­ow to discus­s securi­ty measur­es for the forthc­oming genera­l electi­ons

June 13, 2018

HEC to review vague plagiarism policy 

Commis­sion finds practi­ce of self-plagia­rism in its own hierar­chy

June 10, 2018

FPSC allows physically challenged candidates to apply for all occupational groups of CSS

Decisi­on came after two blind studen­ts topped exams

June 7, 2018

Kalabagh Dam is technically viable, say Wapda chief

Says concer­ns of Sindh, K-P about projec­t have alread­y been addres­sed

June 7, 2018

Senate panel opposes repeal of 18th Amendment

Seeks detail­s from provin­ces on status of transf­er of depart­ments

June 5, 2018

Free education still way off despite legislation

Provin­ces have not notifi­ed rules due to high cost of educat­ing 22.8m childr­en

June 4, 2018

Indus Water Treaty: Islamabad expects ‘positive’ response from World Bank

WB’s delega­tion likely to visit Pakist­an this month to discus­s India's Kishan­ganga Hydro-power Plant

June 3, 2018